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Passion in Motion


When it comes to captivating storytelling and polished, mind-bending animations, we’re the best in the biz. Our world class team of artists and technicians transform unique ideas into dazzling visuals that keeps audiences engaged.


FrameMotion Studio is a 3D animation and VFX production studio that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We specialize in 2D & 3D animation/CGI, motion graphics, characters animation, visual effect and broadcast video production.

We are a team of creative passionate people who are devoted to their love for the art of VFX and ensure delivering the highest possible quality work to our customers. Our philosophy is to keep our team engaged in the entire creative process to produce outstanding works and we pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with uncompromising quality, service and dedication.

Our strength in tailor solutions to our client’s creative visions has seen us working closely with some of the biggest brands in the market. And with passionate and talented artists behind our keen eye and sense for fine detail.

Be it conception or production, every project is an adventure to which we’re committed. Dare we say, we’re excited by the journey, no matter the challenge.


“An old scientist discovered a possible way to expand the power of nature after obtaining a magical mangrove seed. While he is trying to find out more about this power, another force is plotting something evil within the darkest part of the valley…”

HOTLINK x Pokemon GO 360 VR

Hotlink had converted Hotlink customer into 360 VR world because HOTLINK had offer more discount in all purchase thru Hotlink/Maxis Pay. lets see what it got there~!


Art in Motion

FrameMotion is a Malaysian based film | immersive experience company founded in 2008. We started our team with TV Commercial projects and we set a new fresh direction for every single project. Our projects had been expanded into a wider range of video productions, like TV Ident, promo videos, corporate video, short film, movie VFX, viral videos and more.

ECOWORLD BBCC TVC been one of our favourite cinematography TVC. ECOWORLD BBCC had a partnership with JAPAN MITSUI to craft the new icon in Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle. FrameMotion is proud to be invited brainstorming, storyboarding, filming and post together hand in hand with ECOWORLD BBCC crafting the ECOWORLD BBCC new TVC which had emphasis strongly in Japan culture and spirit in Malaysia strategic location.

From the sketching storyboard, scripting to final colouring and post-production, FrameMotion had been put in extra efforts and hands-on everything in house one step by one step. Its been a couple of months of productions lead time and 1 week of full time 24-hours video shooting in OSAKA, JAPAN. It has been a very pleasured journey for everyone one of us and learning curve. We learnt something new from every single project and improve ourselves day by day.