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We transform empty spaces into a borderless universe of imagination. At Framemotion Studio, we meld ideas with cutting edge technology to create moments that delight and inspire.

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The Brief team has been sincerely committed to
designing great experience for our projects.
Our customers love
their creative work – and so do we!

SD Global Visitor Centre

SD Global is a solutions provider and consultant for specialty hospitals, corporate hospitals, and government medical colleges. We were commissioned to design and implement a series of interactive installations and content for their newly refurbished Visitor Centre. Utilising a series of touch interactive interfaces and sensors, we were able to repackage their data and messaging into visually engaging content for their partners and shareholders to better understand SD Global’s complex offerings.


Gamuda Cove Digital Experience

Framemotion was asked to create a permanent immersive and interactive experience that celebrates Gamuda Cove, a new 1,530-acre township next to wetlands and forest reserves in the Southern Klang Valley. Here, we delivered a series of interactive installations including a digital registration kiosk at the lobby, a touch wall showcasing the township’s unique selling points, and finally a multi-sensory immersive room. Multimedia elements in the immersive room were seamlessly synchronised with the content such as turning on a hidden fan so that viewers would feel the gushing wind as a tram rolls by on screen. Additionally, edutainment content is provided to engage children in a room while their parents explore the centre.


Gamuda Garden – The Dark Room

To convey the message to user that every element is mindfully planned and thoughtfully brought together.
They are organised around a town square that sits by beautiful lakes.
With a promenade and a waterfront that give it a sense of place.

We’re creating a place where town and country living come together in harmony.
Just as you can ride a bike to the town centre, you can walk and escape through the trails that guide you into the woods.
It’s our way of connecting you with the community, with nature and with yourself.